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Did you hear the news?

We announced the 4th book selection for our Reading Circle for Change! I am soooooo excited to read this one and we are really going to do it right this right time around.

My sweet and BRILLIANT college friend, Courtney Pinkerton, penned this marvelous book for overachiever's! Y'all, I am telling you, don't miss out. How do you get involved?

This time around we have two options:

1. Be Well :: Reading Circle for Change

-Click HERE to join the group

-We will review the pick the week of October 26th.

-Courtney will pop in to chat at some point

2.Be Well :: Mentoring Circle for Change

-Click HERE to join the group

-We will be starting a step-by-step review Monday, September 28. If you really want to make and SEE some changes before 2020 in over, THIS CAN'T BE MISSED!

-Courtney will pop in the chat at some point too! Maybe a few times if we are lucky!

Are you IN? I hope so! Purchase your copy today, right HERE! I am just so excited about this read.

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