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Meet Heather

Heather B. Centurioni is a change maker, a worthiness expert, a manifestation maven, transformation guru and an all around "do gooder." Her mission in life is to lift you up!



Heather has successfully harnessed her calling to help people navigate life and all its twists and turns.  In January 1991, a tragic ski racing accident changed her life forever.  Over the course of 3.5 years, Heather fought to walk again. Thirteen surgeries later, she was still crippled with pain. In August of 1994, she made a decision that no 18-year old should ever face--Heather put in the call to have her left leg amputated below the knee.  The process of getting to that point and living a new life as a disabled young lady shaped her in ways she never thought were possible. 


Fast forward, and after many challenges and celebrations, Heather has successfully coached thousands to good health and new horizons. She has spent the last few years pouring into clients 24/7. 


Heather lives with her husband and two daughters in the Dallas suburbs. She is active in the community with Junior League, National Charity League and several other charities. You can most often find her in the kitchen whipping up deliciousness or chatting away to her mini dachshunds.


Her mission is to have you BE engaged.  BE inspired.  BE motivated.  BE transformed. ​ She's made it her life purpose to help people BE Well and she's excited for your transformation to take place.

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